How do I sign up for a free SAS OnDemand Academics account?

Step 1: Go to SAS Academics and click on “Access now”
Step 2: Under “Choose your learning path,” if you are registering as part of a class, choose “Students.” If your instructor has not set up a class, or if it is not for a class, click on “Independent Learners.”

Step 3: Click on the “registration application” link

Step 4: Fill out the required information and then press “Submit”

Step 5: Check your email address for an email from the SAS Institute. It will contain a link to validate your email address, which you will click on.

Step 6: Enter in your information once again and press “Create Account”

Step 7: You should receive an email shortly stating that you are ready to start using SAS. Click on the link and press “SAS Studio” to begin your journey with SAS.  

Some tutorials to get you started:
Tutorials–SAS Institute