Here is a list of enhancements to that you can pursue, on your way to a web commendation for future employment! There are two self-explanatory categories: (1) Things to ask Mr. Wood about before implementing; and (2) Things you can do anytime. Here goes!

  1. Things to ask Mr. Wood about
  • Add a plugin that provides new functionality to the site
  • Add a widget that displays new information
  • Add photography that adds to the site’s visual appeal
  • Add or manage categories and create a category page
  1. Things to do anytime
  • Add a post on an economic topic to the site
  • Embed a YouTube video with some connection to economics or student life
  • Comment on an existing post
  • Post a review of a student-oriented product such as a phone, phone plan or area restaurant
  • Add a page to the site with extensive material on a topic of interest (more than a post)

If you find any of the terminology unfamiliar or you don’t know how to proceed, go do a web search and you’ll find lots of information. Example: Go search best wordpress plugins and you’ll get lots of good ideas.